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I learned to rely on buffs and suddenly Teddie became my most important team mate

Persona Q - Human Teddie

I slept wayyyyy too late. It’s noon. May Bushiroad have mercy on my soul.

On another note maybe I should reboot this blog and its themes and stuff. Maybe. Should I do that? I love Teddie I’m just hesitant to come back since I’ve been gone so long and I dunno if I’ll still have the muse to do it. I’ve also been busy with my other blogs and school so bhhhh

(ok sent, let me know if tumblr ate it) She returned the hug happily. “So do you still work at Junes Teddie?”

"Of course~ I am a loyal bear, I could never leave Junes just like that"

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"Nope. It’s not Rise-chan either. Gotta keep guessing, Teddie." Chie continued to tease. Honestly, she wasn’t sure Teddie would ever get the right answer, but it was fun to talk with him, so she didn’t mind.

"Darn. Hmmm" Teddie was running out of ideas, but he wasn’t going to give up, that wasn’t the kind of bear he was. "Nao Chan?" He guessed, hoping that it was perhaps the correct answer.



"I missed you too,Teddie-oto!" A moment later,she pulled away from the embrace and sorrowfully gazed at her beloved friend.


"Where’ve you been…?

It’s been beary bear-en without you…”

Teddie seemed a little saddened by the other’s sorrowful gaze. He didn’t mean to make her feel bad, it wasn’t his intention at all. “Aw, I’m sorry. I’ve just been busy with some tasks and even had to go away for awhile to some some of them. Can you forgive me?”

(Certainly, I’ll send you one now haha) “I’ve been fine, not much going here, quite boring. I’m glad you had a nice time but I’m even more glad that you’re back~”

"Aww, thank you~" Teddie smiled and wrapped his arms around the female happily.

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